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Loper_&_Randi in the Morning :: Weekdays 6am - 10am

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4-17-14 Coach Randi

Randi won the soccer showdown so it was time for her to go coach.  Yes, there were issues.

4-17-14 Worthless Things

It's amazing how entertaining worthless knowledge can be.

4-17-14 Gyno Camera

What if your gynecologist was taking pictures of your stuff without you knowing? It happens.

4-16-14 Soccer Showdown 2

It was hilarious as the soccer showdown took place between Loper and Randi...part 2.

4-16-14 Soccer Showdown 1

It was hilarious as the soccer showdown took place between Loper and Randi...part 1.

4-15-14 Jayden's Call

More on the Loper and Randi soccer coach debate.  Their son Jayden gives his opinion.

4-15-14 Treadmill Trivia

It's another music edition of Treadmill Trivia.  Can anyone beat Mel Gee's record?

4-14-14 Assistant Coach

Loper and Randi argue about who should get to be assistant coach of their kids' soccer team.

4-14-14 Egg Roulette

Mark the shark is back from vacation and we are fully staffed for Egg Roulette.

4-11-14 Brazilian Buffet

A buffet in Brazil charges men more than women.  Do you think this is fair?

4-11-14 The Bigger A-Hole

We tell you about 2 situations.  Who do you think is the bigger A-Hole?

4-10-14 Sexting

Loper calls out Thick Rick about sexting and hilarity ensues.

4-10-14 Helium Theater

Helium Theater is an 80's classic that we just learned is getting a sequel.

4-10-14 Pretend Marriage

The topic comes up of people living in marriages for reasons other than love.

4-9-14 Loper's Songs

We take Loper's many screams of agony and put them to music.

4-9-14 Blow Stuff Up

We blow stuff up in the microwave again today.  Let's try a brand new tube of toothpaste.

4-8-14 Jay Z

A news story causes questions about Jay Z being a racist.  We bring in the experts to discuss.

4-8-14 Treadmill Trivia

Super intern, Mel Gee, joins us for the music edition of Treadmill Trivia today.

4-7-14 Bee Stings

A list of the 10 worst places to get a bee sting came out and Loper decided he could take it.

4-7-14 Egg Roulette

We invited the interns in to play Egg Roulette today and they didn't fare too well.

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