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12-18-14 Jew or No Jew

Hanukkah is underway, so it's time for a game of "Jew or No Jew?"

12-18-14 Terrorists Win

Sony has yanked The Interview out of the theaters.  We caved in to the terrorists threats.

12-17-14 Egg Nog Roulette

If you like Egg Roulette, wait until you hear the sick and twisted version...Egg Nog Roulette.

12-17-14 Festive Day

From screaming kids to Walmart customer service, the Lopers had a festive day yesterday.

12-16-14 Cosby's Wife

Bill Cosby's wife finally speaks out and defends her husband.

12-16-14 Treadmill Trivia

We are back to songs on Treadmill Trivia.  Can anyone stop Loper?


Honey Boo Boo's parents have been offered a million dollars to do porn.  How exciting!

12-11-14 For Your Kids

How did you go to the extreme to make sure your kids were taken care of for Christmas?

12-11-14 Xmas Ex

How do you deal with splitting up Christmas decorations with an ex?

12-10-14 Hunting Legal Advice

Steve Palmer comes in to give free legal advice and some insane hunting show breaks out.

12-9-14 Witness Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather witnessed a murder/suicide live on Face Time.  What have you seen?

12-9-14 Kid's Toys

If you are buying a toy for a kid who has parents that you hate, try these out.

12-8-14 Jeff Logan

Buckeye great, Jeff Logan, stops by to talk about the Buckeyes huge win and their spot in the playoffs.

12-8-14 CM Punk

Fox lead writer, Damon Martin, joins the show to talk about CM Punk leaving wrestling for the UFC.

12-5-14 Paul Mecurio

Paul Mecurio is one of the funniest comedians we have ever had on the show...check it out.

12-4-14 Meat Beat

A girl on Youtube plays beats by slapping her body with different meats.  So Randi does it to Loper!

12-4-14 Gary Spivek

Gary Spivek, the mastermind of Rock on the Range, joins the show to talk about the 2015 insanity.

12-3-14 Fecal Injection

Kelly Quinn tells us a crazy story about how a wife injected fecal matter into her husband's IV.

12-3-14 Matt Brown ROTR

UFC Fighter, Matt Brown, loves his metal and shares his thoughts on the Rock on the Range lineup.

12-3-14 Matt Brown Reebok

UFC Fighter, Matt Brown, stops by to talk about the new Reebok deal with the UFC.

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