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We debuted a new song about Randi's butt this morning, but she hasn't heard it yet.

Here is the new song that Loper wrote for Randi by itself.

In studio, it's Brian Callen from the Goldbergs, the Fighter & the Kid podcast, and more.

Legendary porn star, Ron Jeremy, stopped by the show this morning.

Ever get a bad receptionist at the doctor's office?  Check out what Randi had to deal with.

It's been too long since Randi belted out some Blitz Rock.  Today saw the return of Randioke!

We review the brand new song "Hardwired" by Metallica.  UFC fighter, Matt Brown, weighs in on it as well.

Loper likes to ride, but has major issues with other drivers.

Loper went to use the bathroom and his phone was not in a good position when he walked in the stall.

An update on Lauren Rasar and her issue with her new boyfriend.  Plus, she is a hero!

Loper reviews UFC 202 and the amazing fight that went down between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz.

It's MawMaw, Randi's 94 year old grandmother, with sex, love, and relationship advice.

Loper gives all his predictions for UFC 202, going down Saturday night.

Randi went for a bike ride last night and things did not work out very well.

Live in studio, it's David Koechner from Anchorman, The Office, and so many more.

Check out what happens when a dad unknowingly eats pot brownies that his adult son made.

Local UFC Fighter, Cody Garbrandt, calls in ahead of his fight this weekend at UFC 202.

Conor McGregor shows up late to the UFC 202 press conference and things go crazy.

Loper accepts a new challenge as the dummy fruit ninja which turns into self inflicted pain.

Nine Shrines interview with Hales @ GSSO16