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Loper_&_Randi in the Morning :: Weekdays 6am - 10am

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10-22-14 Pumpkinhead

Time for Loper to put on the pumpkin head and this time Randi changes it up and freaks Loper out.

10-22-14 Redskins Name

We have a legit Native American weigh in on the Redskins name.  How do you feel about it?

10-21-14 Lie Or Not

Loper got himself into a situation where he was tempted to lie about something.  Should he have?

10-21-14 Treadmill Trivia

Today on Treadmill Trivia, it's TV Themes.  Can Loper reign supreme again?

10-20-14 Walking Dead

Damon Martin, lead writer for Fox, makes his weekly trip in to dissect the latest Walking Dead.

10-20-14 Egg Roulette

Randi won Egg Roulette last week.  Can she make it two in a row?

10-17-14 Josh Wolfe

Comedian, Josh Wolfe, joins the show and has everyone laughing their ass off.

10-17-14 Jeff Logan

Former Buckeye great, Jeff Logan, stops by to talk about all things Ohio State.

10-17-14 Dave Hoff

The strongest man in the world, Dave Hoff, from Westside Barbell, stops by the show.

10-16-14 Family Lottery

Have you kept a childhood vow?  One lottery winner did.  Would you?

10-16-14 Halle Berry

Halle Berry pays $16K per month in child support to a dead beat.  Any other ladies dealing with this?

10-16-14 Dick Tips

Some people are horrible when it comes to tips.  What is the worst tip you ever received?

10-15-14 America's Team

Loper argues that the Cowboys are no longer America's Team.  This, of course, gets Thick Rick riled up.

10-15-14 Sell Dog

A couple sold their son's cat for 6 figures.  Would you sell your dog for a million bucks?

10-15-14 Pumpkinhead

It's week 3 of Loper's pumpkinhead.  This pumpkin is a bit small and Loper is very stressed about it.

10-14-14 Chuck E Cheese

If you are going commando to Chuck E. Cheese, you gotta be Loper found out.

10-14-14 Treadmill Trivia

Loper goes for his 4th win in a row at Treadmill Trivia.

10-13-14 Randi's Song

Loper wrote a new song about Randi.  Looks like it might get him laid.

10-13-14 Damon Martin 2

FOX.COM lead writer, Damon Martin, stops by to talk TV, including American Horror Story and S.O.A.

10-13-14 Damon Martin 1

The Walking Dead is back and FOX.COM lead writer, Damon Martin, stops by to talk about it.

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