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4-27-15 Jenner Interview

Friday night's Bruce Jenner interview was insane.  We break it down for you.

4-23-15 Loper's Garden

Loper went to get some things for his garden, but it didn't work out as planned.

4-23-15 Helium Theater

Kelly Quinn doing Daffy Duck on helium is one of the funniest things ever!

4-22-15 Sex Busted

Where did you get busted having sex?

4-22-15 Scientologist or Juggalo

If you had to pick, would you rather your kid became a Scientologist or a Juggalo?

4-22-15 F Bombs

Reds manager, Bryan Price, went on a tirade full of F bombs, so we made a great game out of it.

4-21-15 Damon Martin

Damon Martin from FOX is back to talk Game of Thrones.

4-21-15 Now Loading

We dive into video games with the guys from in our new feature called 'Now Loading'. 

4-17-15 Disney Implant

A woman claims Disney implanted a chip in her head so they could follow her.  Who is watching you?

4-17-15 ESPN Suspension

An ESPN Reporter got suspended for cussing out a lot attendant because her car was towed.

4-16-15 Fake IDs

Tons of people got busted at Coachella for using fake IDs.  Kelly Quinn knows all about this.

4-16-15 Wearing Crocs

Wearing Crocs is another sure way of keeping you desperate for human contact.

4-15-15 Famous Sex

Have you, or someone you know, had sex with someone famous?  Let's talk about it.

4-15-15 Sex Prevention

Flip phones turn girls off.  So does a lot of other stuff.  Guys, pay attention!

4-14-15 Free Range Parenting

Free Range Parenting.  Good?  Bad?  Have you see this going on in your neighborhood?

4-13-15 Starset

Starset is about to make their Rock on the Range debut.  But first, an acoustic jam on our show.

4-10-15 Jessimae Peluso

Comedian, Jessimae Peluso, formerly of MTV's Girl Code, stops by to light up the show.

4-9-15 Rockstar Demands

Rockstars make crazy demands for their shows.  What would Loper and Randi demand?

4-8-15 Welfare

States are now dictating how you can spend your welfare money and opinions vary.


Hash tag: Things you would hear on Iraqi radio.

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