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Loper_&_Randi in the Morning :: Weekdays 6am - 10am

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1-28-15 Kelly's Anxiety

Kelly Quinn has anxiety just thinking about having us come stay at her house.

1-28-15 Joey Diaz

Comedian and friend of the show, Joey Diaz, calls in ahead of his big weekend at the Funny Bone.

1-28-15 Clutter

"Clear The Clutter" author, Donna Smallin, joins the show to teach us how to clean up the mess.

1-27-15 Randi's Sister

Randi's sister got rid of the douche bag and has a new guy now.  But she also has a new

1-26-15 Dennis Roady

Youtube prank superstar, Dennis Roady, stops by the show while we play this horrid cover song.

1-23-15 Lost Loper

The youngest of the mini Loper's went missing for 45 minutes.  This is what happened...

1-23-15 Josh Blue

Comedian, Josh Blue, stops by the show to crack us up.

1-22-15 Loper's Neighbor

Check out this situation that came up between Loper and his neighbor.

1-22-15 Foreplay

All day foreplay takes your sex life to the next level.  Just hear us out.

1-21-15 Expired Food

Randi used to eat high on the hog for free...thanks to expired food shopping.

1-21-15 Fast Food

Check out the most fattening items compiled from all fast food menus.

1-21-15 Bieber Roast

Justin Bieber is going to get lambasted in the next Comedy Central Roast.

1-20-15 Disappointing Response

Don't you hate it when you go to great lengths to please someone close to you and they don't care at all?

1-20-15 Dumpster Diving

People go dumpster diving for all kinds of things these days.

1-20-15 Nice Or Nasty

We debuted our new game 'Nice Or Nasty' from the Lion's Den and it was an instant hit.

1-19-15 Is This Cheating?

Loper had a situation come up at the BLS concert Saturday night and wants to know if it is cheating?

1-19-15 Ferris Wheel Love

A story about a woman who has a love affair with a ferris wheel, but cheats with another ferris wheel.

1-16-15 Bob Marley

Every time comedian, Bob Marley, stops by, he slays it.  Today was no different. Hilarious!

1-16-15 Death Liar

A local kid admits he made up a whole story about dying that became a best selling book.

1-16-15 Jamey Jasta

Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed joins the show to talk about playing the LC and ROTR.

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