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Loper_&_Randi in the Morning :: Weekdays 6am - 10am

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8-29-14 Jeff Logan 2

Buckeye great, Jeff Logan, stops by on the eve of the Ohio State season opener...part 2.

8-29-14 Jeff Logan 1

Buckeye great, Jeff Logan, stops by on the eve of the Ohio State season opener...part 1.

8-28-14 Randi's Surprise

Randi's big surprise in Tennessee over the weekend turned out to be a lot of family drama.

8-28-14 Helium Theater

A great episode of Helium Theater in honor of the start of college football.

8-27-14 AssCar 5000

Randi's butt cheeks and race cars...what's better that?

8-26-14 Dog Custody

When you break up with someone, who gets the dog?  Is this custody fight as bad as with kids?

8-26-14 In-Law Battle

Do you have that sibling in-law that causes trouble for your family like Beyonce and Jay-Z?

8-25-14 Strip Trivia

The incredibly hot Chelsea is back bringing traffic to a dead stop in Street Corner Strip Trivia.

8-25-14 Bad Series Finales

We were not happy with the True Blood finale.  What other series finales sucked?

8-22-14 Randi's Weekend

Randi is going out of town this weekend and it caused a ruffle in the Loper household.

8-22-14 Loper's Diet

Everyone keeps asking about Loper's special diet, so here's what it's all about.

8-21-14 What's Worse?

Two separate stories...two separate idiots...which one is worse?

8-21-14 New Nickelback

We are not feeling the new Nickelback song (big shock).  What do you think?

8-21-14 Nut Allergies

Kelly Quinn does a story about nut allergies and hilarity ensues.

8-19-14 Ice Bucket

Loper and Randi take the Ice Bucket Challenge and Randi gets Loper with a lot more!

8-18-14 Kanye and Paul

Kanye West and Paul McCartney have gotten together to work on music...WTF?!?!?!

8-18-14 King's Island

Took a show trip to King's Island.  Sounds like Randi had more fun than Loper.

8-15-14 Tom Segura

Comedian, Tom Segura, stops by the show and gets Loper to tell a great story about Randi.

8-15-14 Ovince St. Preux

UFC Fighter, Ovince St. Preux, calls in to the show.

8-14-14 Paint Prank

Pranks are suppose to be funny.  Dennis Roady pulled a good one on Loper.  He didn't laugh.

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