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Loper_&_Randi in the Morning :: Weekdays 6am - 10am

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9-29-14 Dairy Bar

Randi and Kelly have never heard of a dairy bar....are you kidding me?

9-29-14 Straight Guys

It's a brand new game we call 'Straight Guys For Straight Guys'...just listen.

9-29-14 Connor McGregor

UFC fighter, Connor McGregor, joins the show to talk about his fight.

9-19-14 Jim Norton

Comedian, Jim Norton, stops by to crack us up and tell some great stories.

9-18-14 Pinterest Update

Loper made great progress with Randi's Pinterest addiction.

9-18-14 Helium Theater

It's a classic Tom Hanks comedy in Helium Theater today.

9-17-14 Pinterest

Pinterest has ruined Loper's sex life.  How bout you?  This is absolutely hilarious.

9-16-14 Hypochondriac

Loper reveals that he is a hypochondriac.

9-16-14 Treadmill Frankie

Legendary Columbus Crew member, Frankie Hejduk, joins us for Treadmill Trivia.


Has anyone ever broke up with you on Facebook? Can you top the story we have?

9-15-14 Egg Roulette

It's Monday and we have a hilarious edition of Egg Roulette.

9-12-14 Josh Houston

Former Buckeye, Josh Houston, and Buck-I-Guy stop by for the Friday Buckeye Fireup.

9-12-14 Greg Warren

Comedian, Greg Warren, stops by the show and cracks us up.

9-11-14 Public Peeing

People be peeing in the yard, the shower, at the horse shoe, and pretty much anywhere they want.

9-11-14 Tinder

Check out which celebrity is using Tinder to hook up.

9-11-14 Helium Theater

It's an all time classic comedy today in Helium Theater.

9-10-14 Ray Rice

We're talking Ray Rice.  Kelly has a different look at this and Blitz Nation weighs in on this huge topic.

9-10-14 Best Name

Cherries Waffles Tennis.  Yep, that is a girl's full name.  Can you top that?

9-10-14 What's Worse

What's Worse Wednesday? You decide between being crushed by an elephant or eaten by a shark.

9-5-14 Crazy Sex

Some people have some really crazy fetishes when it comes to sex.  What have you been asked to do?

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