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The Foo Fighters documentary series, "Sonic Highways", won a pair of Emmy Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday as part of the Creative Arts Emmys event, which precedes the 67th Emmy Awards on September 20.

The 8-episode project - which featured a behind the scenes look at the making of the group's 2014 album of the same name - was honored for Outstanding Sound Editing For Nonfiction Programming (Single Or Multi-Camera) and Outstanding Sound Mixing For Nonfiction Programming (Single Or Multi-Camera)

"Sonic Highways" was also nominated for Outstanding Directing and Outstanding Informational Series. The documentary saw the Foo Fighters visit and record music at some of the world's most iconic recording studios in 8 US cities - Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Seattle and Washington, DC - with frontman Dave Grohl conducting interviews with some of the artists who have recorded at each facility as well as those who guested on the record.

Produced by Butch Vig, the bands 8th studio album was launched with the companion documentary series airing on HBO.

"Sonic Highways" debuted at #2 on the US Billboard 200 Album chart with opening week sales of 190,000 copies.

Foo Fighters have launched the 2nd leg of their current North American tour!

Ozzy Osborne was arrested and charged with murder Friday in Alabama, according to authorities. But the man who was arrested was not Ozzy Osbourne, the heavy metal icon, according to the New York Daily News.

The 24-year-old Osborne apparently has no relation to the British-born Black Sabbath lead singer of the same name; and, as noted, they spell their last name differently. The murder suspect spells his name “Osborne” while Ozzy spells it “Osbourne.”

Osborne allegedly shot a man around 4:30 p.m. Friday just north of the state capitol. He was ordered held on $100,000 bail.

Meanwhile, several dates for Ozzy Osbourne’s band, Black Sabbath went on sale over the weekend. Their final tour — which they say is really their last tour — kicks off January 20 in Omaha.

Saturday, 19 September 2015 14:23

Godsmack Making New Studio Album Plans

Frontman Erna expects 7th album to follow similar path to 1000hp.Godsmack aim to begin recording their seventh album early next year.
Sully Erna says the band will enjoy a break after their autumn North American tour, before writing the follow-up to 2014's 1000hp.
 "We're definitely going to take some time off – probably the rest of November, December, part of January.Then we'll get back in February and we'll do it in Florida. We'll start there, get a batch of songs and then go up to Boston.
“So everything is planned. We don’t have any kind of release date because we’re definitely not in a position that we have to rush. So we’ll just take our time, make sure that we get something fresh. You try and make your next record your best record ever.
“Our goals are lofty – but they haven't changed.”
Erna says it’s too early to say what the new material might sound like, but admits there won’t be much of a change from their last effort. He continues: "I would say the vein of the songs 1000hp and Something Different. Those two were our favourites on the record, and we'd like to continue on that path – more high-energy rock‘n’roll rather than the metal chunk.
“But we don’t want to be one of those bands that just keeps making the same record over and over again. We try different things.”

Slipknot has revealed that they are taking their Knotfest music festival south of the board later this year where they and Megadeth and Lamb of God will lead the lineup.

The band revealed via the website on Monday that Knotfest Mexico will be taking place at Foro Pegaso in Toluca, Mexico on December 5th.

The announced lineup includes Slipknot, Megadeth, Lamb of God, HIM, A Day To Remember, Trivium, Atreyu, Asking Alexandria, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Here Comes The Kraken and Tanus.

Visit the event site for more details here...

The track is taken from the Disturbed's sixth studio album, "Immortalized", set for a August 21st release through Reprise Records. Lead single "The Vengeful One" is out now, along with the accompanying animated video from filmmaker Phil Mucci, and "Immortalized" is available for pre-order everywhere, from members David Draiman (vocals), Dan Donegan (guitar), Mike Wengren (drums) and John Moyer (bass).

Draiman revealed that "Fire It Up", which opens with the sound of a bong hit, was inspired by the singer's routine. He explained: "There was a big fat bowl before that one. 95 percent of the songs I've written in my life, I've written them while high. That's the god's honest truth."

Draiman continued: "I'll have a very skeletal musical idea in my head, and then I'll light one up, go in the shower and let the steam kind of build up. It helps me relax, and I can see the gaps. I can see the holes in the rhythm and the melody and I'll know where I can go, and what the possibilities are. It helps me be able to perceive everything a little bit more clearly."

Get this Blitzers, Draiman says that "Fire It Up" was inspired by a recording session where he sang DISTURBED's new cover of SIMON AND GARFUNKEL's "The Sound Of Silence" while high. "I was done with the day and I wanted to relax, so I went ahead and I smoked a bowl," he laughed. "I came back and was high out of my mind and no, no, by no means ready to track vocals by any stretch of the imagination. And they all encouraged me to go into the vocal booth, and I was pretty blown away. I hadn't heard my voice that vulnerable in a very, very long time."

Draiman added that "Fire It Up" is more lighthearted than usual for DISTURBED, remarking: "Yeah, that's me saying it: There' s a song on this DISTURBED record that's fun… And God knows there's certainly enough people out there that appreciate the enlightening aspects of smoking marijuana."

"Immortalized" ends a four-year hiatus for the band and DISTURBED are scheduledto play its first show in four years on August 21 at the House of Blues in the band's hometown of Chicago.

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