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Philip Anselmo has been the face of controversy ever since his racially charged actions at Dimebash 2016 were caught on video. Following an all-star performance of “Walk” at the annual tribute show to the late Pantera axeman Dimebag Darrell, Anselmo threw a Nazi salute and, without a microphone, belted out the words “White power.” Despite issuing an apology, his actions have led to more consequences, most recently with his band Down being booted from the Fortarock Festival in the Netherlands. The singer has issued another apology, also suggesting the rest of Down carry on without him.

The statement was released on Anselmo’s website and the full apology now occupies the home screen. He reiterates how he feels about the situation, sorry for the pain he has caused in others and understanding of the reactions fans and musicians have had. The apology reads as follows:

"To all this will concern,
Every citizen in this entire world has the unalienable right to live with dignity and respect without hate or oppression. And I mean this, with all of my crushed, yet, guilty heart.

It’s common knowledge that we can choose to either learn from our mistakes, or continue on a path of insensitivity and destruction.

I am utterly responsible for the mistakes I have made, and can only give you my word to no longer do them in the present, through ACTION, not just mere words.

My band mates are now experiencing the consequences of my behavior, and I now publicly apologize to them as well. Never in my entire lifetime would I drag them down with me, and I’ve privately suggested to them that they move on without me.

My biggest obstacle(s) are the over-indulging in the booze and blurting out spiteful, ignorant reductions of the human spirit itself. I will address these issues, head-on.

I’m repulsed by my own actions, and the self-loathing I’m going through right now is justified by the hurt I’ve caused.

I realize we live in a society where apologies are NOT accepted easily, yet long for a day when they can be, but I also understand if I’m shunned till I hit the dirt.

From the bottom of my heart, and with all sincerity, I once again am truly sorry for the pain I have caused.

With truth, love, hope & respect-
Philip H. Anselmo"

If Anselmo were to step away from Down, it would leave Corrosion of Conformity frontman Pepper Keenan and Eyehategod‘s Jimmy Bower as the only original members of the supergroup. It remains to be seen if Down will heed the advice of their singer either with a new frontman or existing members of the band picking up the slack and handling the vocals themselves.

The decision to remove Down from the FortaRock lineup was made after “close consultation between all parties” where the organizers ultimately concluded, “We want to make it clear that there is no room for racism or fascism at FortaRock.”

Glenn Frey, founding member and guitarist of the Eagles, has died at 67. Frey had been battling intestinal issues for months and had surgery in November & in the last few days his condition took a turn for the worse. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer had been fighting intestinal issues for awhile but his condition relapsed before the holidays, forcing the Eagles to pull out of their Kennedy Center Honors appearance in December. At the time, the band said he needed major surgery that would require a lengthy recovery.
RIP Glenn. :-( *Ronni*
Sad news to report, as Static-X frontman Wayne Static‘s widow, Tera Wray Static, has died from an apparent suicide at age 33.

Wayne Static died on Nov. 1, 2014 from a multiple toxicity overdose at the age of 48. Having struggled with alcohol and drug abuse for many years, a combination of oxycodone, hydromorphone, alprazolam and alcohol took Static’s life.

Tera Wray Static was the one who found Wayne dead, after the Static-X frontman passed away in his sleep. The two were practically attached at the hip, with Wray appearing with Wayne in many interviews and even onstage with Static-X and Wayne’s solo project as a dancer. Wayne and Tera met in 2007 during Ozzfest while she was modeling for Hustler lingerie. They married the following year and Tera retired from being am adult film actress shortly after.

Wray’s former adult entertainment attorney Michael Fattorosi tweeted about Tera’s death, confirming a story that was posted on Blabbermouth:
"I’m so sad today. My client & friend Tera Wray, former Pornstar and the widow of Wayne Static committed suicide yesterday. We were emailing back & forth on Tuesday. And today I got a call from her roommate letting me know what happened. Tera is once again with the love of her life, Wayne, & will be forever. May they both find peace together for all of eternity. Godspeed Tera."

It feels impossible to imagine an incarnation of Motorhead to exist that doesn’t involve Lemmy Kilmister. After 40 years of pure rock ‘n’ roll, Lemmy succumbed to “an extremely aggressive cancer” on Dec. 28. In a new interview with Sweden’s Expressen, Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee has confirmed the band is finished.

“Motorhead is over, of course. Lemmy was Motorhead,” Dee says. “We won’t be doing any more tours or anything. And there won’t be any more records. But the brand survives, and Lemmy lives on in the hearts of everyone.”

At 69 years of age, Lemmy battled through a serious lung infection to complete Motorhead’s 2015 international tour dates. Though a few shows had to be cancelled, some mid-performance, Lemmy gave everything he could to the audience. ”He was terribly gaunt, he spent all his energy onstage and afterwards he was very, very tired,” Mikkey says. ”It’s incredible that he could even play, that he could finish the Europe tour. It was only 20 days ago. Unbelievable.”

Mikkey adds, ”I’m incredibly grateful over the years we had, and that we had such a good time together.”
Lemmy passed away just days after celebrating his 70th birthday. The outpouring of love from fans and fellow musicians has been overwhelming to say the least.

Here is a small percentage of those tributes here.

Ah, the gift of giving! This is something Metallica understand well, constantly engaged with their fans and always serving up something special for the ones who have made the band the undisputed titans they are today. In the spirit of the holidays, the thrash quartet have unleashed a clip of a new Metallica song for their fan club members so the whole family can sway to Metallica’s beat as they rock around the Christmas tree.

The video clips opens up with James Hetfield wishing everyone happy holidays as he holds his ever-squirming cat Tabs in his arms. As a gift, he has the furry feline hit play on the computer to reveal a snippet of a new Metallica song! As soon as the song starts, Hetfield can’t help but exclaim a signature “Oh yeah!” as he’s excited at the chance to share it with the fans. The snippet features a trashy riff along with Hetfield’s signature vocals. The sneak preview is for Met Club members only, but membership is free! To view the clip, click here, and if you aren’t in the Met Club, a link is available to sign up right on the page.

Next year will be a big one for Metallica. In addition to what all hope will yield a new album, the year will also mark the 30th anniversary of Master of Puppets. That album is one of the cornerstones of the metal canon and the last to feature late bassist Cliff Burton. The band is readying a photo book to commemorate the anniversary, full of never before seen photos from the band’s personal archives as well as extensive interviews from the band, crew members from the tour and more.

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