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A post on Pantera‘s Facebook page condemns a despicable act by an individual or group of individuals who desecrated Dimebag Darrell‘s grave while traveling through Texas on tour.

Someone with the Instagram account crustyplague displayed an image of Dimebag’s grave and claimed that he and his bandmates apparently spat on it and wrote a slur on the memorial stone. The culprits apparently robbed a pair of boots that were placed at the gravesite, as well.

The post on Pantera’s Facebook page, which can be seen below, shows the Instagram image from crustyplague and reads, “We are absolutely disgusted by this! We ask that all of you please show Dime & his grave the respect he deserves. This conduct will not be tolerated and the authorities have been notified.”

The band Nuclear Hellfrost has issued a statement via Facebook saying that Instagram user crustyplague is their former lead singer. They claim they are completely disconnected from the culprit, calling it a misguided publicity stunt that they were unfortunately “dragged into by a former member with an awful sense of humor.”
I call BS on this POS band!!! *Ronni*

Looks like Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian will finally “walk” his way onto AMC. Four years after his Walking Dead cameo was unfortunately used on a webisode rather than the show itself, Ian’s decomposed face will get its close-up on this Sunday’s (March 1) episode.

You may remember Scott Ian’s 2011 zombie makeover from the very early stages of The Walking Dead. Now that the show has entered its fifth season, the special effects have taken a massive leap forward, and you can see that in Ian’s new bloated zombie head.

Nerdist posted a video last year documenting Scott Ian’s marathon makeup session and on-set shoot, which was a dream come true for the Anthrax guitarist, who even called the experience a ‘Make-A-Wish’ kind of day. “I was always just like, ‘Goddamn, it would be the coolest f–king thing if I could ever get to be a walker,” says Ian. “I got to do the webisode thing and that was awesome and I remember Greg [Nicotero] telling me at one point that everyone in the business wants to come be a walker, so we kind of put the kibosh on all of that. I didn’t think it would ever happen.”

Speaking of the connection between metal and horror, Ian says, “They’ve always gone hand in hand. Metal guys are huge nerds. [Laughs] A good percentage of are either horror or sci-fi or comic book or fantasy nerds. So, all of a sudden if you have some disposable income, you’re like, ‘Wow, I can actually buy that zombie head from that movie!’”

Be sure to catch Scott Ian attacking Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) on the upcoming episode of The Walking Dead on Sunday night at 9PM ET. Will Ian finally be the one to take a chomp out of the show’s central character? We’ll be tuning in to find out!

The wait is almost over! Three Days Grace took another step toward the release of their first album with new frontman Matt Walst by revealing the full Humanalbum track listing, cover art, deluxe edition details and pre-order information.

The disc officially drops on March 31, but fans can go ahead and get their orders in for the album at both Amazon and iTunes. The set has already spawned two chart-topping singles — “Painkiller” and “I Am Machine” — that the band released while still recording the album. Both songs will be made available instantly for those who pre-order the disc.

On top of the standard edition Human CD, fans can also order a limited edition 2 CD deluxe version. The package includes the standard album plus a second disc that includes live versions of “Painkiller,” “Let Me Down” “Every Other Weekend” and an alternate version of the album track “Human Race.”

In addition, fans who order the deluxe package will get a custom woven beanie, a 12″ X 12″ window cling sticker featuring the album art (featured in post) and a 5 card set featuring a picture and a note from each band member.

Three Days Grace recorded the album with producer Gavin Brown, the man behind the boards for their self-titled debut disc. Drummer Neil Sanderson says, “We went back to our roots a bit and recaptured that collaborative feeling of being in a band and bringing out the best ideas in each other. Gavin was a huge part of that in the beginning and we feel like we’re back in those days where we’re high fiving each other with guitars in our hands.”

Look for Three Days Grace’s Human album, arriving March 31, and look for the band on the road this spring in support of the disc. Dates can be found below the track listing.

Three Days Grace, Human Track Listing
1. “Human Race”
2. “Painkiller”
3. “Fallen Angel”
4. “Landmine”
5. “Tell Me Why”
6. “I Am Machine”
7. “So What”
8. “Car Crash”
9. “Nothing’s Fair in Love and War”
10. “One Too Many”
11. “The End Is Not the Answer”
12. “The Real You”

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks
1. “Every Other Weekend”
2. “Painkiller” (live)
3. “Let Me Down” (live)
4. “Human Race” (Atmosphere Version)

Three Days Grace 2015 World Tour
3/21-2 — Buenos Aires, Argentina — Lollapalooza
3/27-8 — Sao Paulo, Brazil, Lollapalooza
4/9 — Riverside, Calif. — Riverside Municipal Stadium
4/10 — San Diego, Calif. — House of Blues
4/11 — Mesa, Ariz. — UFest at Quail Run Park
4/13 — Reno, Nev. — Knitting Factory
4/14 — San Francisco, Calif. — Fillmore
4/16 — Fresno, Calif. — Blazefest
4/17 — Las Vegas, Nev. — The Joint / Hard Rock Las Vegas
4/18 — Tucson, Ariz. — KFMA Day / Kino Veterans Memorial Stadium
4/22 — San Antonio, Texas — Caliente / Siesta Lot
4/23 — Dallas, Texas — Bomb Factory
5/9 — Somerset, Wis. — Northern Invasion / Somerset Amphitheatre
5/10 — Madison, Wis. — Coliseum at Alliant Energy Center
6/4 — Vienna, Austria — Rock in Vienna
6/5 — Hradec Kalove, Czech Republic — Rock for People
6/6 — Mendig, Germany — Rock Am Ring
6/7 — Nuremburg, Germany — Rock Im Park
6/12 — Warsaw, Poland — Orange Warsaw Festival
6/20 — Burlington, Iowa — Burlington Steamboat Days

Last month, we reported that Puddle of Mudd frontman Wes Scantlin was busted for taking a joyride on an oversize baggage carousel at Denver International Airport. His detainment forced the band to start their set well after midnight, angering concertgoers. Now, surveillance video of the rocker’s airport antics have emerged.

Scantlin has been in a heap of legal trouble over the past few years, including incidents that included a vandalism, an airplane incident, speeding, drug possession and more.

In the video above posted by Denver’s ABC affiliate 7NEWS, you can see Scantlin, dressed in orange, standing on the carousel as it moves around. Fortunately for Scantlin, despite the apparent security breach, the offense only qualifies as a misdemeanor. However, Scantlin failed to show up at his court hearing last week, and would face arrest if he finds himself in Denver again anytime soon.

Scantlin faced backlash when he showed up for that night’s Puddle of Mudd gig several hours late. He was actually bailed out by a local fan. Scantlin poked fun of the incident with a photoshopped Facebook post. The Denver promoter vowed never to book Puddle of Mudd again, stating “Those of you that stayed, I hope you love Puddle of Mudd cause we will NEVER book them again.”

Puddle of Mudd have a handful of dates scheduled for March and April.

Shinedown earned some well-deserved time out of the spotlight following nonstop promotion of their 2012 disc ‘Amaryllis,’ but the creative machine is churning once more. Frontman Brent Smith headed to the band’s Twitter account today (Feb. 20) to hold a Q&A session with fans in which he detailed some of the progress on the band’s new album and also discussed their film plans.

Speaking about the upcoming disc, Smith stated, “We are four weeks into recording … Album release by late July, early August.” He also teased that fans may hear a new single by late April. That will certainly pave the way as the band returns to the road.

And speaking of touring, the vocalist confirmed that the band will be back on the road this year. In fact, a look at their website reveals that they’re already confirmed for the Moondance Jam in Walker, Minn., on July 18 and playing the Jackson County Fairgrounds in Jackson, Mich., on Aug. 9. Stay tuned to this location as more dates are added.

When questioned by one fan for one of his all-time favorite songs, Smith replied, “They are being recorded right now.” He also added that “survival” is a theme for the new disc and stated, “It’s a devastating album — beautifully brutal.”

As for their previously announced film project based on their history, Smith says it comes from a “very real” place and that the band is filming everyday until it’s finished. But as of yet, there is no official release date for the project.

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