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Friday, 21 November 2014 08:10

OSU vs. Indiana Predictions

Each Friday we bring in Jeff Logan in support of the Buckeyes and each week, we end the segment with predictions for the upcoming game. Check out this weeks picks.

Loper - OSU:42 - IN:13

Randi - OSU:55 - IN:10

Rick - OSU:63 - IN:07

Kelly - OSU:72 - IN:00

Jeff Logan - OSU:49 - IN:14

Friday, 21 November 2014 06:38

Don't get Jack Johnsoned

Filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Columbus's own Jack Johnson from the Blue Jackets has been taken by his own parents. Apparently when Johnson signed his 7 year and $30.5 million contract with the team, he trusted his mother to take on being his power of attorney, leaving her in charge of his finances. Backfiring on him now however, this sad story was presented in the Columbus Dispatch. It seems that his parents, Tina Johnson and Jack Sr. bought a beach house in California using roughly $15 million of his future earnings, all of which carried extremely high interest rates. With little left of his earned $18 million made during his NHL career, Johnson has eliminated ALL contact with his parents. Don't get Jack Johnsoned. Click here to read more on this sad story.

Loper's bud, Matt "The Immortal" Brown begins his training camp here in Columbus at Battelle Darby Park by doing hill sprints in the snow.

   Matt takes on former Strikeforce Welterweight Champ Tarik Saffiedine, in the Main Event on Feb 14th in Denver, Colorado on Fox Sports 1. #BeImmortal 

Here's Details on Matt's Fight. OHIO STRONG. 

Each Friday we bring in Jeff Logan in support of the Buckeyes and if you are a frequent listener you know that each week we make score predictions for the Buckeye game. Here are our final predictions, next week we'll be back to see who guessed the best!!!


Loper OSU: 38 - MIN: 17

Jeff OSU: 35 - MIN: 10

Randi OSU: 38 - MIN:26

Kelly OSU: 41 - MIN: 35

Rick OSU: 49 - MIN: 07

Thursday, 13 November 2014 08:24

Kim Kardashian bares all




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