These Coyotes are Tripping Balls!

So apparently there's a party in Northern California that none of us have been invited to. Word on the street says coyotes near Highway 1 in the town of Bolinas, California are attacking cars. Now reports have labeled these attacks as out of the ordinary, not just because coyotes are attacking cars, but because of their strange behavior. The coyotes have been seen standing in the middle of the road, casting mad stink-eye at motorists until they are forced to stop, and then sniffing and snarling at the cars before retreating back to the woods.

Now, what makes this a party you may ask. Well, rabies has been ruled out as the cause of these wily coyotes and scientists are now pointing fingers at, get this, MAGIC MUSHROOMS! The animals are supposedly searching for and eating wild mushrooms near the highway. These mushrooms are causing hallucinations for the coyotes, leading to the car attacks. Realistically, for all we know, they may think they're attacking dragons so who are we to judge? Anyway, no one has been injured yet, but avoid any animals who try to stare you down on the highway in California, or probably anywhere for that matter.

Unfortunately, extensive YouTube searching could not turn up a video of these coyotes, but here is a video of a dog eating similar mushrooms. You can also check out the full report on these incidents from the Pacific Sun. And just a closing thought, don't feed animals drugs, I'm pretty sure it's animal cruelty.

Sugar Bear Sugars Bears?

This just in, former Honey Boo Boo star, Sugar Bear, has "experimented" with dudes!

In a promo for the couple's newest reality show exploits, Sugar Bear is heard admitting to Mama June that he experimented with guys and found out it wasn't for him. Mama June and Sugar Bear haven't been on the best terms since Honey Boo Boo ended and they filed for divorce, but they're giving love a second shot on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. Not only that, but Mama June has apparently suspected Sugar's taste in bears for a while. She claims she received "texts from around town" telling her that he was running out on her for some down-home dude-lovin'. If you're interested in the full episode, it airs this Friday on WE tv. You can also see the promo for the show here.

My question in this whole thing is who's trying to get some of Sugar Bear? The only room for love that the guy has is in the gaps between the few teeth he has left. Not only that, why is he running off on that sweet piece of tale Mama June? I mean look at that dime!
On her way to pick up her Golden Globe for Best Actress in American Horror Story: Hotel, Lady Gaga bumped into a laughing Leonardo DiCaprio. His facial reaction to the bump caused quite a stir on the internet. DiCaprio's surprised and slightly scared expression has people wondering if he was laughing at Gaga's win. According to The Telegraph, DiCaprio claims his reaction was completely unplanned.

"I just didn't know what was passing me, that's all," DiCaprio told ET Online backstage.

DiCaprio went on to win best actor for The Revenant.

Guns N' Roses Reuniting for Coachella!

The lineup for Coachella 2016 dropped this week and it came with quite the bombshell. For the first time in 23 years, Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan will take the stage together as Guns N' Roses. The Coachella Music & Arts Festival will take place in Indio, California over the weekends of April 15-17 and 22-24. The GNR reunion has been rumored for a few weeks, but nothing was official before the lineup was announced Monday night. Guns N' Roses isn't the first band to reappear at Coachella. Rage Against the Machine, My Bloody Valentine and Outkast have all come out of retirement to play the festival. Even Tupac came out of the Illuminati Hotel to perform, or at least his hologram did. No official tour has been announced for the band after the festival, although reports say Axl Rose and Slash are negotiating a 25-show stadium tour for the summer of 2016.

The lineup includes LCD Soundsytsem, Rancid, Calvin Harris and Volbeat, but no other major reunions. Here's a link to the full report on GNR, let us know what you think!

Steve Harvey Had One Job

One job, he had one job! In case you missed it, Steve Harvey managed to screw up the 2015 Miss Universe Pageant by announcing the WRONG WINNER! Harvey, the host of this years event, announced that Miss Colombia had won. He came back on stage as the poor girl was crying and waving to everyone to drop the truth bomb that he had made a mistake. Turns out Miss Philippines, who Harvey announced as the first-runner up, had won and Miss Colombia had come in second. I mean it all worked out great for Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach, the contestant from the Philippines, but the whole moment just screams awkward! If having your hopes and dreams crushed in front of you wasn't enough, they actually took the crown from Miss Colombia and put it on Miss Philippines on live TV! Come on guys, you couldn't have at least cut to commercial? In an attempt to right his wrongs, Harvey took to Twitter to apologize. But, as if just to prove that Sunday wasn't his day, Harvey misspelled both "Colombia" AND "Philippines" in his original tweet! He corrected that one ASAP.

If you haven't gotten your dose of awkward, check out the video below.
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