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Wednesday, 30 October 2013 12:06

Top 10 All Out Blitz Countdown 10/30

Here's what the Top 10 All Out Blitz Countdown looks like for the week of 10/30-11/5:

1. A7X - hail to the king
2. 3DG - misery loves my company
3. Pop Evil - deal with the devil
4. FFDP - lift me up
5. Stone Sour - tired
6. Korn - never never
7. Volbeat - the hangmans bodycount
8. 3DG - the high road
9. FFDP - battle born
10. Pop Evil - trenches

This countdown is completely based on the 10 highest rated songs in the feedback forum on this website. Thanks to everyone rating the songs in there. Go over there and rate them for us.

The countdown premieres Wednesdays at 11am and repeats Sundays at Noon.

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