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Thursday, 12 November 2015 09:11

Justin Bieber Douches It Up (Again) In Norway

What's that? Justin Bieber is being a douche again? Say it ain't so! Welp, I'm afraid it is so. So very, very, very so. This time it was during a live show in Oslo, Norway. During the performance, Biebs notices some water on the stage, so he decides to do the right thing and go get a towel and clean it up before continuing with his performance. First off, I am actually shocked that he did this himself. Good for you, Justin. But things quickly go south from there, as his fans start grabbing and pulling at the towel that he is using. "Yo, yo yo yo, come on, I said stop it. What are you doing?" These words came straight from the Biebs himself as he could not control his crowd. Shortly after that, Justin stormed off the stage as he let his fans know "I'm done, I'm not doing the show." This came after only ONE song. Did it never occur to him that he was in freakin NORWAY? Sorry if these 14 year old girls didn't understand "Yo, yo yo yo." At least the Biebs manned up a short time after the incident and apologized. Still, though...

Way to go, Justin. Way. To. Go.

So, Justin Bieber is partying with Jose Canseco's daughter. Her name is Josie Canseco. lol WTF????? She's a very pretty girl, BUT......
How many point deduction is it, when a SUPER HOT GIRL... HAS A SUPER CRAZY DAD?

Loper and Randi in the Morning 99.7 The Blitz's photo.

Damn,  she is hot. But let's not forget about how crazy Jose Canseco has been here over the last couple of years. From grade A Twitter rants to shooting off his middle finger with his gun and then selling it on the internet. So this begs the question, is miss Josie here still as attractive in your eyes even though she is burdened by the baggage of a crazyass dad?

Listen here all of you bros out there... My answer is YES YES YES. Come at me, Jose Canseco.
Monday, 19 October 2015 06:34

Crushed Hopes at The Big House

      It was another game day in Ann Arbor, Michigan and the Jim Harbaugh led Michigan Wolverines had the victory over their in-state rivals The Michigan State Spartans...... or so they thought. Time ticked by late in the fourth quarter with only 10 seconds left on the clock. Blake O'Neil, the Michigan punter, had only one job, KICK THAT BALL AWAY and go home winners. Well.... as you could probably tell by all the disappointed faces and wolverine tears, that did not go as planned. It only took 2 seconds for 111,000 hearts to break all at once as Michigan punter, Blake O'Neil, bobbled the snap leaving the football up for grabs and sure enough, that ball was grabbed by Michigan State defender Jalen Watts-Jackson and took back 38 yards for a Spartan's touchdown and a Michigan State victory over The University of Michigan Wolverines 27-23 in The Big House. Catch all the excitement..... and disappointment...... but mostly excitement RIGHT HERE!  

Monday, 14 September 2015 07:24


There is nothing wrong with loving your wife, loving her feet, and displaying them right?

That's what Buffalo Bill's head coach, Rex Ryan, does. In a recent picture of Rex Ryan posing for the North Shore Animal League after making a donation. Everything seems normal, fine, and dandy but in the background of the picture is a confirmation of some speculations people have been having for the football coach. His wife's feet.

Back in 2010 according to New York Post (Click Here) in an interview, Ryan dismissed the subject of some videos that went viral on YouTube of what appears to be a woman who looks EXACTLY like his wife & his wife's feet. He told the interviewer

This is a personal matter and I'm not going to discuss it, I hope you can respect the fact that I wish not to discuss it.   

Monday, 14 September 2015 07:11


Lately Donald Trump's interviews have been very boring & grey. So who better can interview Trump? Trump himself! Just like he says in the video below, it's pure genius.

Late Night host Jimmy Fallon is a man of many impersonations, but his impersonation of Donald Trump to Donald Trump has to be his best work yet. Watch the hilarious interview of Trump interviewing Trump below!

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