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Someone's about to be a little salty *no pun intended*

A man in Queensland, Australia was released from prison, reported by Australia News (click here) after serving 4 months for possession of crystal meth, but come to find out it was actually Epsom salt.

The Fraser Coast Chronicle (click here) pointed out some recent criticism for the Forensic and Scientific Services for the delay of the forensic test and that this isn't the first time it's taken this long for forensic test results to come back.

A department spokeswoman told the FCC

All Forensic testing performed at FSS is prioritized daily with police and the courts... The time taken to bring a drug case to court is dependent on many factors.

But why did it take 4 months, not 4 days, 4 MONTHS to figure out the crystal meth was actually salt? His lawyer believed his client was held in prison for that long due to his criminal history.

Criminal history or not, this man has a strong case to be able to sue the police department.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015 07:47

Ashley Madison Cities Revealed

Hackers recently revealed a list of users on the cheating site Ashley Madison. Now there is a new site that has mapped out each of 37 million users released by zip code. Based off of the site's information, there are only three zip codes with absolutely no Ashley Madison users. Nikolai AK, which has roughly 90 citizens (12 of which are currently attending the combination elementary-high school) was at the top of the list, having no members on the site.


If you want to see local cheaters in your area, Click here to see the map.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015 07:05

Porn sniffing dog

Dog busts Fogle in child porn ring scandal; if you haven't heard yet, Jared Fogle (Former Subway spokesperson) was arrested on multiple charges of possessing and distributing child pornography. Unfortunately due to federal law, he could not be charged with rape. Rape can only be charged at a state level, unless the person were to cross state lines to engage with a person under 18 years old. 

During Fogle's arrest, a trained dog named Bear was able to sniff out an electronic thumb drive where Fogle had stores his X-rated images. Bear is one of only 5 dogs in the nation to be specially trained to seek out electronic devises, in this case, the device was overlooked by the police. Bear was also used in a case recently which led to the arrest of Olympic Gymnastics coach Marvin Sharp, who was also under investigation for child pornography and sex with a minor.

Click here for more on this story.

Monday, 24 August 2015 07:51


How would you feel dads if you saw a Daughter Daycare sign on move-in day at a college campus?

This one house on OSU Campus hung a sign for ALL the daddy's to see!

Daughter Day Care 2.0

Dad's we'll take it from here.

An English professor complained the sign as "inappropriate" some parents were upset, while others took pictures. The seniors reported to NBC 4, inappropriate or not, it was all a joke in good fun.

Watch NBC 4's video report below.

Monday, 24 August 2015 06:48


And the layers of the Josh Duggar scandal continue to peel off.

Following the release of millions of user's names from the Ashley Madison hack, one of the names stuck out like a sore thumb; 19 Kids & Counting reality TV star Josh Duggar. He didn't have just 1 account like a normal cheating person would have, oh no. He was smarter than that. He was paying over $1,000 for 2 accounts! It doesn't stop there though. He had a back up plan; it's been discovered he made an oKCupid account using a false name and picture.

The New York Daily News (click here) reported that Duggar took upon to Google, searched "Random Guy" (maybe he's not as smart as we thought) and found a picture of a young Hollywood-based DJ named Matthew McCarthy. After the website Gawker (click here) made the link to the fake dating profile name as the same one Duggar used as his email for his Ashley Madison account, McCarthy revealed to TMZ (click here) that the scandal has impacted him in a negative way. He was turned down from a potential DJ job because the club felt he was apart of the sex scandal.

McCarthy is reportedly taking the option for legal actions.

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