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Thursday, 30 July 2015 09:38

Someboody Get Jared Milton A Girlfriend

PSA: Jared Milton is taking a break from his normal videos for this week to enlighten us all about that fact that this dude wants a girlfriend. No, wait, he NEEDS a girlfriend... BADLY. Jared is not playing games here folks, he will even settle for an internet girlfriend. Jared has just recently gotten out of a bad breakup, so lets cut him some slack, guys. He had to end his relationship after his significant other confessed that he was a "hermaphrodite." This information surfaced after about, oh, FOUR months of "sexting." Damn, Jared.... This dude even brings in his cat, "Mr. Whiskers", to try to woe all of the women.

I told ya, folks. Jared Milton skipped recess in middle school, because he doesn't play games. Watch the full video RIGHT HERE.

Ladies and gentleman, we are proud to introduce cooking sensation... Mr. Merrill Howard Kalin! What do you think the bored youth of the world did before YouTube? They watched and or participated in public access television! That's right, a TV channel where anyone in the local area could star in their own show about anything they wanted. Merrill Howard Kalin chose to participate, and thank God he did! This guy is public access television gold! Mr. Kalin chose to share his unique and unreal cooking skills with the world. Bless his soul, it is fantastic.


Unfortunately, Merrill Howard Kalin is now deceased. Kalin passed away at the age of 45 in July of 2008. His cause of death is stated as natural causes, however, many people speculate that it came from salmonella poisoning. His death was made public after published in an obituary in the Chicago Tribune. Posted below is a video of his best episode from the show. Watch it, embrace it, LOVE IT. Just be sure to always remember the most important rule... NEEEEEEEVERRRRR cook alone!

Ray Tensing of the University of Cincinnati Police Department was indicted on a murder charge for shooting and killing Samuel DuBose in the head during a routine traffic stop on Wednesday morning, July 29th, 2015. If found guilty, Mr. Tensing could be facing a life sentence in prison.


Posted below is the RAW FOOTAGE of the altercation between Ray Tensing and Samuel DuBose. This video is key evidence, and things might not be looking too good for Mr. Tensing of the UC Police Department. (WARNING: STRONG VIOLENCE NSFW FOOTAGE POSTED BELOW)

Tuesday, 28 July 2015 06:25

Junior Galette's Beach Brawl

A video has recently surfaced showing New Orleans Saints linebacker Junior Galette getting into a huge brawl on Miami Beach. He can be seen fighting multiple people and smacking a woman with a belt. The Saints were made aware of the video and sent it to the NFL who are looking into the situation. Click here to watch.

Thursday, 23 July 2015 08:03

Rare Nirvana photos have been found

Old photo's from Nirvana's first ever show have been released. 19 year old Maggie Poukkula found old pictures of her father from 1987, playing along side Kurt Cobain in a basement in Washington. Maggie did not fully grasp the importance of these pictures until she posted them to her twitter and received a wave of praise and compliments for her contribution to the history of Nirvana. The photos show Kurt Cobain, Krist Novolselic, and Aaron Burckhard (pre-Dave Grohl).

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