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What happens when The Simpsons meets The Walking Dead? Check out this Simpsons opening Walking Dead style. You can check out the video here

Cast and producers chew out some meaty clues about season 5. For more on this click here

With Matt Brown's biggest fight yet coming up this Saturday, he joins Loper, Damon Martin of Fox Sports, and Heavyweight Champ, Mark Coleman on the Legit Man S*^# podcast. You can check out this insightful article about Matt Brown and his up coming fight with Robbie Lawler on They plug our new podcast, Legit Man S*^# as well. With Matt Brown taking out fighters by the armfuls, (winning the last seven in a row) he is not only Columbus' favorite, but he is also favored to win this epic rumble. Heavyweight champ, Mark ColmanĀ  Click here for the link.

A Cleveland Browns fan, held a grudge against former owner, Art Modell, and decided it would be a good idea to urinate on his grave.

Are you having a bad day? Well, if you are, just remember that it could always be worse. Take Roger Wayne Beasley Jr for example, who was pulled over on U.S. 90 the other day and then decided that it would be a good idea to take off on foot and seek refuge somewhere. Little did he know, the place that he decided to hide out at was a police academy. YES, he did get arrested by the Biloxi police department. Poor roger Wayne Beasely, always check where you're going! Especially if you are running from the police.

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