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Wednesday, 15 April 2015 07:58

Cleveland Browns Unveil New Uniforms

Last night at 7:30PM the Cleveland Browns unveiled their brand new uniforms for the future of the franchise. Mixed emotions regarding the new duds, some people loved them, some hated them, and some people had a simple reaction of "meh, not bad..." One thing I noticed about the criticism is that the majority of the haters were NOT Browns fans. Come on now, people, they're NOT THAT BAD. People just love to hate on the Browns, it's sad. I personally, as a Browns fan, really like them. The orange jerseys are flawless, and they will have nine total different uniform combinations that they can wear throughout the season. Cleveland Browns president Alec Scheiner hopes that the Browns will become "the Oregon of the NFL" with the amount of jersey combinations that they possess. They incorporated some new while still staying true to their roots, now what's wrong with that?



(feel free to view the new jerseys up close, and also watch clips from the Browns release party right here at

Did she or didn't she bang the whole band you be the judge click here for the story.

Friday, 10 April 2015 06:28


During Thursday's first round at the Masters, Tiger takes his shot and is not happy with himself. Click here to hear it.

Thursday, 09 April 2015 09:41

Francis Bean Cobain Not A Nirvana Fan

Daughter of the late Kurt Cobain, Francis Bean Cobain, spoke openly with Rolling Stone in a recent interview about her life, her father, and the up coming documentary on Kurt Cobain's life called "Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck". Francis spoke about how she isn't a fan of Nirvana's music, with the exception of two songs, one specifically being "Dumb" off of the In Utero album. She also mentions how being labeled as "a voice of a generation" took it's toll on her father and how his fame has grown over the years since his death. A generation of young people obsessed with putting deceased musicians on a pedestal.

Click here for the full article

Monday, 06 April 2015 08:02


American Idol veteran & winner of the first season, Kelly Clarkson, has been receiving a lot of criticism with her body weight... SHE HAD A BABY! Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace mocked the 32-year-old pop singer & new mother for her weight gain on the Mike Gallagher Show on Friday with radio host Mike Gallagher. E! News quoted Wallace poking fun saying that Clarkson "could stay off of the deep dish pizza for a little while." "Tubby Mike" also commented "Holy cow, did she blow up."

Wallace and Gallagher then apologize for the body shame, complementing Clarkson as a "talented and classy entertainer. It was a really stupid thing for me to do." Clarkson has not made any comments about the criticism, but last week on The Ellen DeGeneres Showshe responded to the body shaming by basically saying SHE DOESN'T CARE! And she shouldn't! She had a BABY!

Just like British phenomenon pop singer, Adele, received a lot of criticism because of her weight. But she didn't have a baby during her career.

What say you Blitz Nation? Is it appropriate to body shame a woman who gave birth to a baby 9 months ago?

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